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As mentioned on our mission page, we actually believe in open access... a lot.
We therefore proudly present a (very!) small archive of textures we created for our 3D and VR applications here - and who knows, maybe also other resources in the future.
All of these textures have been created by A Softer Space and are made freely made available to you to use however you please.
If you need a more exact license, just contact us, and I am sure we can figure something out. :)

Bricks 1

Just, well, bricks...

Bricks 2

More bricks! Hooray!

Particleboard 1

This is a photograph of some particleboard we have at home. It also comes in different colors, as different colors are fun!

Wallpaper 1

Some white wallpaper we have at home... not really impressive, but a good staple to have.

Wallpaper 2

More white wallpaper - this one is more grainy than Wallpaper 1.