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We believe in the idea behind the Giving What We Can initiative.
In particular, if everyone gives a small but meaningful amount of their income to good causes - and if these are scientifically vetted to actually do a lot of good with the money they are given - then the lives of many can be improved.

Donations in 2024 so far: 520.00 €

We donated 420.00 € in total to six separate people with financial problems.
We donated 100.00 € to jung & naiv.

Donations in 2023: 29,205.52 €

24000.00 € were donated to a private project.
We donated 2000.00 € to GiveDirectly to financially help people directly who can make most use of it to re-gain their own agency.
We donated 200.00 € to the Feminist Autonomous Centre for research, a space for learning, reflection, collaboration, support, exchange, knowledge production, political interventions, and trouble-making.
We donated 153.79 € to presenters at the THRIVE - BDSM & Mental Health Conference.
We donated 125.00 € to Femi Bright Future to distribute period products and provide a safer space to learn skills to cover menstrual product costs independently.
We donated 100.00 € to Afghan Girls Success Gate. We believe that the access to education for all people is incredibly important.
We donated 1176.00 € in total to twelve separate people with financial problems.
Lastly, in 2023 we also donated a total of 1450.73 € via Patreon to awesome content creators.

Donations in 2022: 18,531.57 €

12500.00 € were donated to a private project.
2050.00 € went to the A rye that belongs to all of us initiative of OpenSourceSeeds for the development of an open source rye variety (varyety? ^^)
The situation in Ukraine is terrible right now. We donated 229.65 € to the organisation Voices of Children, which cares for children in Eastern Ukraine that have been traumatised by the war, as well as 200.00 € via Libereco to Vostok SOS, who provide humanitarian emergency aid directly within Ukraine. 150.00 € went to Bassliner, which organized evacuation bus tours. To help people who are openly protesting against war and violence inside Russia and are being put under massive pressure, we have also given 123.45 € to Anarchist Black Cross Moscow. Finally, 100.00 € went to the evacuateafricansfromua initiative, which aims to enable any and all people to leave Ukraine, which currently is blocked or made much more difficult e.g. just based on someone's skin color.
We donated 256.00 € for someone to get their needed trauma therapy and another 256.00 € for helping people enter the EU legally who otherwise wouldn't have been able to do so.
Also, we donated 250.00 € to the German NGO Nabu, to support the creation of nature preserves for the lesser spotted eagle. Have fun little eagle! :)
We are donating 100.00 $ (100.96 €) a month to lifespan.io, an organisation that tries to enable a longer life for every human by coordinating and financing scientific research.
Lastly, in 2022 we also donated a total of 1204.95 € via Patreon to awesome content creators.

Donations in 2021: 15,385.86 €

In 2021 we donated 3500.00 € to Against Malaria Foundation to provide further nets and protect more people from sickness.
We also gave 2263.71 $ (2000.00 €) to Strongminds to continue helping as many people as possible with improving their mental health situation, to enable themselves and the people around them to lead more pleasant lives.
In 2021 we have donated 9750.00 $ (8235.10 €) to the PEARL trial, a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial in 200 humans over 12 months on using a drug called Rapamycin for delaying aging.
Since January 2021 we are donating 100.00 $ a month to lifespan.io, an organisation that tries to enable a longer life for every human by coordinating and financing scientific research.
We gave 276.45 $ (256.32 €) directly to people affected by super typhoon Rai in the Philippines.
We donated 256.00 € to FF*GZ, the Feministische Frauen*gesundheitszentrum Stuttgart e.V. (Feminist Women*healthcenter in Stuttgart, Germany.)
100.00 € were given to the Still here, still fighting back! campaign of All Out.
Also, we donated 50.00 € to the “Bergwaldprojekt” which uses this money to support reforestation efforts.
Everything is pretty ridiculous in the world lately, so hopefully, these donations will do some good in the long run...

Donations in 2020: 12,267.80 €

In 2020, we have donated 4055.93 € to the Against Malaria Foundation, 4055.94 € to the SCI Foundation and 4055.93 € to the SENS Foundation.
Additionally, we have donated 100.00 € to Refuge, which is working against domestic violence in the UK.
Donations donations... Whoop whoop!

Donations in 2019: 8,242.54 €

In 2019, we have donated 3877.00 € to the Against Malaria Foundation and $4293.00 (3860.44 €) to Strongminds.
Additionally, we donated 100.00 € to the Internet Archive.
We also donated $107.37 (100.00 €) to Project Gutenberg.
Also, we donated 80.00 € to the “Bergwaldprojekt” which facilitates volunteer reforestation projects.
Lastly, in 2019 we also donated a total of 225.10 € via Patreon to awesome content creators.
Just as in 2018 - keep up the awesome work again! :)

Donations in 2018: 3,532.14 €

In 2018, we have made an end-of-year donation over 3122.55 € to the Against Malaria Foundation.
They provide nets which protect people from insects and therefore prevent the spread of malaria.
Seems like our money will be put to good use there!
Furthermore, in 2018 we also donated a total of $346.82 (309.59 €) via Patreon to content creators who we believe really do change the world - such as:
Finally, we also donated 100.00 € to the Wikimedia Foundation as providing open access to information is ridiculously important - for all of us.
Keep up the awesome work y'all! :)

Effective Altruism

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