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Hey there,

We are A Softer Space.

We create software for space, science, and anything else that seems worthwhile. Our aim is to provide simple and reliable products without any of the red tape: software, not paperwork.
Located in Frankfurt, Germany, we serve customers all over the globe. These services range from building legacy system interfaces up to creating brand new virtual reality applications - and anything in between.

If you want to learn more about us, you might want to look at our mission statements or our customers. Or maybe you want to see some products or games that we have been working on?
More interested in science? Want to learn about our donations? Or do you just want to get some free resources?
Whatever it is that you are looking for, I truly hope you will find it here.

Have an interesting day!
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Have you seen something that you like?
Do you want to do research with us? Do you want to order custom software for you or your enterprise? Or just chat about the direction Star Wars has been going lately?
Just send us an email!


Btw.: We are not asking for your consent about storing cookies on your computing device.
Why, you may ask?
Well... we like our software simple and dependable. So we are simply not storing any cookies on your computer, period!
(And we are not using nonsensical thirdparty software either, which might otherwise do so without us knowing. We actually do have some embedded youtube videos, but by using the youtube-nocookie URL, no cookies are set when the page is loaded. It is to be expected though that Google will happily set a few cookies when you actually click on such a video.)