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Here is just a small selection of our customers.
If you want to get yourself into this hall of fame, do not hesitate to place an order for your own custom software!

SuperVision Earth

We built the backend and parts of the frontend of SuperVision Earth's web application. The result was received well:
At SuperVision Earth, we commissioned a highly custom web app from A Softer Space, and got it delivered exactly according to our wishes. We were very satisfied with the communication, flexibility and performance of A Softer Space and are expecting to work together again in the near future.
Jan Kolmas
Co-founder & COO

European Space Agency

We are working for ESA as part of the EGS-CC project, providing products such as EKSE and enabling the automated deployment of EGS-CC based systems.


We are programming the web application of Skyhook Ehf., an Icelandic startup that enables aircraft mechanics to track their work and pilots to track their flights.

right. based on science

Right is a startup aiming to help reduce the negative impact we all have on the climate - which is a very cool thing indeed!
Therefore, we are happy to be involved with providing the tools for them to create their XDC reports - which will inform policymakers about their impact.