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This is just a small selection of the products we have created so far.

A Softer Space Musician

A little program that reads in a song... and outputs the same song with lots of drums! Yayyy!
The resulting remixes are then uploaded to YouTube...
Try it out on: YouTube
Source code: Openly available on GitHub

CDM Commandline Tool

The CDM Commandline Tool can be used to edit CDMs for EGS-CC directly from the commandline.
Especially helpful can be the conversion between different CDM versions and the validation of existing CDMs.
Download: As ZIP (permalink)
Source code: Openly available on GitHub

A Softer Space Workbench

Work often consists of remembering tasks that have been done in a similar way months, even years ago, whose solutions can be used for tackling current obstacles. However, remembering details about such tasks years later is hard.
Therefore, we have created the A Softer Space Workbench, which allows logging work in different freely configurable projects using a per-project customizable user interface. Work tasks can be logged on this interface in detail, can be linked to each other in various ways and can be searched later on to not get forgotten.
Source code: Openly available on GitHub


The EGS-CC Karaf Shell Extension, short EKSE, is a tool that enables direct interaction with the backend of an EGS-CC based system.
(And if you are wondering what this EGS-CC might be - it the new collection of building blocks developed across Europe that can be used to assemble Monitoring and Control Systems for Spacecraft, Groundstations and basically anything else. Here you can find more information about it.)
Btw. - we have a whole paper about EKSE in our science section!
Source code: The source code for EKSE is currently only available at ESOC, Darmstadt.

LED Solutions

We offer various kinds of custom-built LED and smart home automation solutions.
Here is a little preview of what happens when you leave us alone with an Arduino and a handful of LEDs for a few minutes:

PDF QR Reader

The PDF QR Reader is a small program that:
  1. reads a PDF file
  2. finds QR codes inside of it
  3. reads out their contents
  4. reports the results in several different formats such as TXT, JSON and XML
Download: As ZIP (permalink)
Source code: Openly available on GitHub

XDC Report Creator

The XDC Report Creator is used to create XDC reports for the German startup right. based on science.
Source code: The XDC Report Creator itself is closed-source (awww...), but it is largely based on our Java Toolbox, which is freely available on GitHub (yay!)


This was our first test app to learn more about smartphone app development. As the reader might infer from its name, it enables the conversion between various quantities. :)
Privacy: Privacy policy
Source code: Openly available on GitHub

A Softer Space Editor

After becoming increasingly frustrated with existing editors - especially code completion features that delay the input in a noticeable way - we have started creating our own source code editor.
It is optimized for allowing fast typing speed above all else and contains some other nifty features as well as basic ones such as automated code generation and context-aware autocompletion.
Source code: Openly available on GitHub