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Bricks 1

Just, well, bricks...
All of these textures have been created by A Softer Space and are made freely made available to you to use however you please.
If you need a more exact license, just contact us, and I am sure we can figure something out. :)
To use any of these textures, just right click ⟩ Save as..., save them on your computer, and import them into whatever program you are using to create 3D games, applications - or anything else.


This is the original version of the texture.


Here, we edited the texture to be transparent such that it can be put on top of any wallpaper and then looks as if the wallpaper was ripped open and the bricks could be seen through.
(However, if you want to be even more realistic, you should apply this kind of ripped up effect to your wallpaper directly, and place the bricks behind it - as in real life, the bricks are BEHIND the wallpaper, right? ^^)