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We want to change the world, support space exploration, science, and tackle all the hard things...
But sometimes, you just have to relax and play a nice game.
Therefore we also create games, mostly as a way to learn new skills and showcase our abilities.


Our VR Arcade hall - called vrCade - is currently under development.
The idea is that several pinball machines and simple arcade machines will be available such that you can enjoy the fun of an entire arcade hall without having to leave your living room. :)
Here is a short preview on which you can see the first pinball machine, Flipper QnD:

Wallbreak Online

Wallbreak Online is a little game that originally started being written as an exercise during the best university course about game programming ever.
You can play it for yourself here. (Use left and right arrow keys as input.)
As usual for us, the source code for this game is freely available on GitHub.