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Giving What We Can

We believe in the idea behind the Giving What We Can initiative.
In particular, if everyone gives a small but meaningful amount of their income to good causes - and if these are scientifically vetted to actually do a lot of good with the money they are given - then the lives of many can be improved.

Donations in 2018

In 2018, we have made an end-of-year donation over 3122.55 € to the Against Malaria Foundation.
They provide nets which protect people from insects and therefore prevent the spread of malaria.
Seems like our money will be put to good use there!
Furthermore, in 2018 we also donated a total of $346.82 (309.59 €) via Patreon to content creators who we believe really do change the world - such as:Keep up the awesome work y'all! :)

Effective Altruism

If you want to learn more about impactful giving and get involved yourself, Effective Altruism is a great place to do so.