a softer space

What We Do

Hey there,
We are A Softer Space - a new company focused on creating software for space research (Mars, we see you!), scientific research in general and anything else which is actually useful to someone with enthusiasm and flexibility rather than bureaucracy and legalese.
Have fun exploring our site and do not hesitate to get in contact!

Hippies Into Space!

Hippies! Queers! Vegans! Punks! Feminists! Nerds! Kinksters! Refugees!
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Why Space?

We love space!
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But what about the people on Earth?

Focusing on space and science in general already allows us to have a positive impact.
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Science and Universities

We love science too!
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Open Everything

We love FOSS (free and open source software), and we believe in freely available information in general.
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We said before that everyone is welcome with us - however, there is one sector we gladly choose to not work with: The military.
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Our Team


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