a softer space

Our Team

Tom Moya Schiller
Picture of Moya
As a Young Graduate Trainee at ESA's European Space Operations Centre in Germany, Moya has worked with and created EGS-CC based software.
Interested in various fields, Moya previously worked as front- and backend developer for an aviation startup in Reykjavík and a horse racing track in Berlin.
He graduated from the University of Iceland with a Master's degree in Computer Sciences after studying Mathematics and Physics, having written a thesis in Bioinformatics.
Lisa-Marie Hörle
Picture of Lisa
Working as a sales assistant at a French company for several years, Lisa is responsible for everything that keeps a business like ours together - such as accounting, communication and human resources.
Besides A Softer Space she is interested in Psychology, Nutrition and Music.
Julian Corbet
Picture of Julian
Currently taking classes in physics, machine learning and game theory at Frankfurt University, Julian is a free spirit, who likes interdisciplinary work and startup culture.
Julian advises us on creating business opportunities and revenue growth in order to bolster the company's cashflow.
Benedict Schau
Picture of Bene
As a consultant with Expense Reduction Analysts, Benedict has gained extensive experience as a Key Account manager, working to fulfil client needs to their expectations and beyond.
He brings this experience to A Softer Space, and focuses on business development strategy, as well as providing his industry connections where it makes sense. His degree in bioinformatics enables him to also provide input related to our secondary focus, the broader academic sector.
Rosemary Anne Milton
Picture of Rosemary
Ms. Milton attained a BSc. Psychology from The University of Manchester, which is an elite Russell Group university and ranked 7th in the United Kingdom.
With a focus on research and practical knowledge gained by being an Assistant Manager she is the human management aspect of this startup.
Tomas Jennings
Picture of Tomas
Dividing his time between the U.S. and Iceland and with a keen interest in China, Tomas is able to coordinate our efforts across various parts of the world.
After obtaining a BS in Mathematics at the University of Iceland, he now is also a proficient programmer with a focus on web development.